Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just info about the Prizes

I taken part in djtammy contest and I am always losing count on what I have sponsored. So I am using this post to check on what I have sponsored in her contest. :)

Everything has got an interest in life and mine is blogging. I like to update my blogs and with so many blogs on hand I know that I cannot do it all at once.

That is why we need to make use of the blogs we have got. Either to update on what you need to do or put on to do list.

Someone mentioned me as Queen of blogs! I love the sound of it.

As time goes by, we are getting old as well. I am glad I am one of the finalists in My Wordpress Story, I know many participants are on the list. So far having 35 votes and still lacked of many vote. I have fun in the contest and glad to share my wordpress story with everyone. You can read mine its Heart Random.

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