Friday, May 29, 2009

Entrecard Drop at Another Contest

You can now drop EC at Another Contest as I just put the code up. I am happy to see that this blog is available for EC. The other blog is not that lucky, so I am just going to leave it.

Which other blogs I have that contained the EC?
Sherry Rambling
Heart Random

Now go ahead and check them out, wait don't forget to drop EC.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Translate your name to japanese for free

I find this website useful for you to translate your name to japanese for free! I just give a try and you can try it out too.

Found: "Sherry"

This is what the name "Sherry" looks like in Japanese:

"Sherry" in Japanese characters

It is pronounced "SHERII". (Consonants are pronounced more or less the same way as in English. "I" sounds like ee in meet, but shorter. "E" sounds like e in met. Double vowels like "II" are held for twice the duration of single vowels.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tomorrow is Thursday

1. What color is your front door?
+ Cream.
2. We discussed our folks in previous TT so now tell me about your siblings. If you are an only child, tell me whether or not you wanted siblings, older, younger etc.
+ I am the youngest of 5 siblings.
3. What color/type butterfly is your favorite?
+ Brown.
4. Will you be celebrating Cinco De Mayo?
+ Not sure what is that.
5. Oprah- love her, hate her, or don’t care?
+ I like her but it has been long time not watch her show.
6. Are you worried about the spread of swine flu?
+ Yes I am and even friends have cancelled their trip to overseas.
7. Hard or soft pillows?
+ Soft.
8. How many trees are in your neighbor’s yard?
+ 1.
9. What was the color of the last car you saw?
+ White.
10. When does your driver’s license expire?
+ In 3 years time.
11. Look at the clock on your computer and type the numbers backwards.
+ 23:6
12. When you put your pants on, what leg do you put in first?
+ Left.
13. How would you respond to this letter if you were an advice columnist.
+Not quite sure how I respond.

You can try this too here.

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