Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Advising Writers

I love blogging and today my review is about Advising Writers. The site is a content website for online writers and information seekers, it is using two columns template. The website is page rank 2, you can find the latest tags on the left bar of this site. If you want to make money, why not start with joining advitingwriters.com, publish content and earn money using your own ads.

You can view the left bar to see who are the Points Leaders of Advising Writers. To find out who are the members on this website just click on Members at the blog header. I like this site as you are looking for gadgets you can view this site for the info of them to know if it is value to buy the gadget or not. Besides gadget you can also find the list at the latest tags.

Everyone has got different interest, if you got short stories, videos to share, news articles, and poems take a visit to this site. If you love to write I am sure you find this site useful with tips on writings. Don't just read here, to find out more just click on the above link.

There is a forum on this site, but you need to sign up and login to be able to leave your discussion in the forum.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Novice On Blogging

I love blogging and there is so much to learn on make money online. There is a blog Novice On Blogging where you can find useful tips and techniques on blogging and online earning. The author of this blog is Pehpot, it is page rank 2 with 115 followers on the blog. I like the three column template of this blog.

If you want to know the income of earning online, check out the January earning on her blog. Now Pehpot target is earn $700 before February ends. The online earning tools are review me, social sparks, payu2blog, blogsvertise, sponsored reviews, direct hire, and wishlist from paypal.

I am sure if you have a blog, you want to put up the disclosure policy but how to create disclosure policy you can find the info here. I love blogging but I don't know everything, sometimes it is hard to explain on certain things like meme. What is a meme, you can find the answer here.

There are many tips and techniques on blogging and earning online you can find at the blog. Just take your time to visit your blog. If you are newbie in blogging I am sure you find them useful. Even though I am not newbie but I am always learning.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sexy Blogging

I love blogging and I know that as woman there is more than just blogging. I like to read more about woman's health and I found this blog Sexy Blogging suitable for all girls to read. I like to visit this blog more often as I have so much to read about woman's like symptoms of PMS, and woman's health.

If you wonder about which to use for soap or feminine wash take a look at this blog. This blog is user friendly and easy to browse, it is three columns template. I like the design of this blog and now there are 14 followers on the blog.

Interesting topics you can find from this blog such as stretch marks, the best feminine wash, how to wash your genitals, also the She Bloggers Club. If you are interested to read about the post visit to this blog for more info.

This blog is quite new although it started on December 2009, I am sure the author can spend more time on this blog like bloggging at least once a week. I like to read more on woman's body and health issues.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest

BIG Blogversary Contest

Level 1 Sponsors:
I Am Buraot : Anak Ni Kulapo : Seiko's Diary : Mom Conversations

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Azumi : Fab Momma : Mara's Personal Bubble : Mara's Appetite : The Pinay Blogger @ Home : Diva Fabulosa : Best Vacation Places : Momma Wannabee : Advising Writers :United World Poets : A Mom's Life and Loves : The Blogger Hub : : Travelin' With Marie : Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot : Stalking Mind : Living Life To The Fullest : Online Mommy's Corner : Her And History : Careless Whispers : In My Psyche : My Quality Day : Just Throw Money : My Journey To Life : Cotton Candy Buzz : The Mommy Journey : Super Gulaman : Pen, Paper and Pan : Niko's Blog : Lover's Mushroom : Yena's World : Girls Rule! : Online Trends Now : Husband of A Blogger : Glitter Page : Here Comes The Bride : Heart Random : Novice On Blogging (Noob) : At Home Here : Sexy Blogging : My Camerasexy : Dishes By Pehpot : Wonder Wifey : Coffee, Anyone? : Clarisse After Dark : Jena Isle's Random Thoughts : Where The Moon Shines : Crossroads.. Where Ideas Meet : Simple Pero Rock : It's not always about me... : Pinay Mommy Online : A Woman Remembers :
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I love contest and giveaway, so I am here to inform you not to forget to join this huge contest. Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest is waiting you to win the great Prizes. If you have a blog you have chance to win.

Don't forget that you need to fullfil the requrements of mechanics. For more info just click on banner above.

Good luck. Contest ends on 28 Feb, 2010.

Take part now or regret it.

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