Monday, February 22, 2010

Novice On Blogging

I love blogging and there is so much to learn on make money online. There is a blog Novice On Blogging where you can find useful tips and techniques on blogging and online earning. The author of this blog is Pehpot, it is page rank 2 with 115 followers on the blog. I like the three column template of this blog.

If you want to know the income of earning online, check out the January earning on her blog. Now Pehpot target is earn $700 before February ends. The online earning tools are review me, social sparks, payu2blog, blogsvertise, sponsored reviews, direct hire, and wishlist from paypal.

I am sure if you have a blog, you want to put up the disclosure policy but how to create disclosure policy you can find the info here. I love blogging but I don't know everything, sometimes it is hard to explain on certain things like meme. What is a meme, you can find the answer here.

There are many tips and techniques on blogging and earning online you can find at the blog. Just take your time to visit your blog. If you are newbie in blogging I am sure you find them useful. Even though I am not newbie but I am always learning.

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