Thursday, January 21, 2016

18/19 January 2016

Early morning I woke up around 4.30am as I need to go shower then pack things up to go for travel. I used the MY TEKSI app for going KL Sentral. On the way only I recalled that I forgot to bring along phone charger and then in hotel only I realised I didnt bring a comb for comb hair. Thanks to my room mate Miera, she borrow me her phone charge to use.

Teksi to KL Sentral cost me RM33 it's one way early morning to go, I reached about 6.30am. I suppose reach early but taxi driver ask if I am taking bus or not. I say yes and he tried to leave me at bus stop. I then told him that its KL sentral not bus stop, I don't know there is bus stop or bus station at KL sentral as I seldom go the area.

Anyway you can read about my recent trip to Puteri Harbour, Johor. It is a good trip as I get to enjoy the trip with media and blogger friends. For bloggers only 8 of us that on board the bus, the rest are media.

We get to enjoy and experience the cruise to sea by Black Pearl FCMS. You can find them at the Facebook too. Shall blog about the cruise soon, stay tune at

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