Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Missing Mr. White my hamster!

My mom bought me a pair of hamster, a male white hamster and a female brown hamster during my teenage years. I remembered I was only studying Form 3 and the hamster are so cute and lovely. I always snap pictures with them, not able to find the pictures at the moment. I can never forget Mr. White the hamster, he is awesome hamster dad. He took care of the babies instead of the mommy hamster.

One day the baby hamsters stucks in between the holes of cage, Mr. White was the one to protect them, he cuddles them until I come to help the baby hamsters out. He's such a caring dad to the baby hamsters. Mommy hamster was not there with the baby hamsters but him! WOW he's incredible good dad. :D

Mr White and Brown have many hamster babies, total of 63 hamster babies. I can never forget that I have not enough cage for them. In the end I need to sold the hamsters back to the pet shop. Yeah it's incredibility cheap just $3.50 one hamster. My mom bought a pair hamsters from the pet shop more than that!

This post is special for my Mr. White. He got one blind eyed, he only left one red eye. He's fur is very long and I often trimmed them. He loves swimming, I don't let him swing for a long time just for a while in a pail. It has been more than 20 years and Mr. White he's always be in my heart.

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