Sunday, January 24, 2010


I love blogging and I love to read about WAHMaholic. This is where you know how a Filipina mommy addicted to her work as work at home mom. I am sure you want to know how she manages make money online. The blog is page rank two, it is user friendly and easy to browse.

The author Kaye has several blogs and this blog is where she loves to blog about things that interest her. I suggest you to take a look at the Portfolio created by Kaye. I like the blog designs by her they are so pretty and unique. I also like the post signatures by Kaye, they are beautiful.

If you like to read more posts by the author, I suggest you to click on archives that is where you get to see the list of posts written by Kaye. The blog has got 150 posts so far and counting. From this blog I got to know about her that she is Business Management degree, I agree with her to continue doing things that she loves.

You can get start to know how Kaye manage to get her new domain on WAHMaholic. She way better in handling wordpress than me. I still having problem with the codes. LOL

It is crazy Monday, let's not get bored and check out this blog during break.

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