Monday, April 13, 2009

PinayJade the Filipina Blogger in Singapore

Tell me if you have ever found a person that is same interest as you? I think it is not easy to find one that is same interest with me. But in the world of blogging I have found Jade who has same interest as me. I love blogging and I can see that Jade's too love blogging. Jade has got a wonderful blog to share with you, she named it PinayJade. This is a good name as Jade is Pinay at Heart! I am sure you do not want to miss out a contest at her blog. Jade is Filipina, you still have time for Filipina Blogger's Birthday Celebration.

I am sure that you don not know that Jade has got a wish. She wishes to have a baby. You can find out more by reading at her post at MommaWannabe.

I know that I have not mention that I like to visit Jade's blog. has the beautiful header and blog design where you can see Singapore Marlin on the left and the Philippines bus the right.

I also like the Slogan at her blog "Expat Wife and Filipina Blogger Living in Singapore" this clearly tells you that Jade is Expat wife and she is Filipina Blogger who is now living in Singapore. Other than that, one important page should not be miss out is the About Jade is where you can know more about Jade's personality and her interest.

There are photos to see too on her blog. She has shares so many great pictures of Singapores and I am sure you like to check them out too.

Above is my personal thought and review.

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